An extremely abrupt and seemingly permanent metamorphosis in one's character from a personality of positive and charming qualities to negative and intolerable traits. root word FLIP can be interpreted as exposing a previously hidden underside to make it the dominating focal point, or can also be derived from the slang term FLIP, meaning crazy.
I used to think he was way cool, but he went flip-mode and became a total ass overnight for no apparent good reason.
by cbgbROCKIN September 14, 2010
The point of where you cant take the world anymore and go ballistic and go on a killing rampage.
Man that guy who took a shotgun to the crowd of people is in his flip mode.
by Chocobo December 04, 2003
when someone is going all crazy like..flippin out
Carl went all flip mode after he did that chick in the butt
by sparkme December 03, 2003
Flip, meaning to Rep the Filipino life and culture. MODE, is a place, a zone where your emotions are let out, to where you can be yourself and be carefree.

A dancer, practicing to become the best. Training to inspire others. A guy who doesn't specialize in styles, but learns various forms of dancing. His styles of dancing that he trains in are popping, locking, tutting, krumping, Breakdancing, contemporary, isolations, and choreography. He also likes to dabble in street dances, ballroom, and line dances.
Woah, that guy on stage right now is so FlipMODE right now!
by FlipMODE Lifestyle September 09, 2010
play on playa
"play on playa"
by tony December 03, 2003
1) The Flipmode Squad, founded by Busta Rhymes, pretty weak sauce as far as rap cliques go.
2) An unexpected reversal.
1) "Whatever happened to Flipmode Squad?" "Who cares, they ate a bag of dicks."
2) "He thought I was coming with rock when I went FLIP MODE and went all scissors on him."
by Benjamin Fatbody December 02, 2003
a backstabber that can't get it up because he/she has no life outside of a computer.
He stays on the computer 24/7. He's such a flipmode. Poor bastard
by jackass April 20, 2004

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