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someone who goes back and fourth. like one day he/she is someones friend and the next day shes not.
Karen is such a flip flopper. yesterday she said she hates chelsea, and now they are at each others house!
by jamielue February 08, 2007
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One who beats around the bush, talks ALOT of crap, says one thing but means the other, is a complete A-HOLE and I hate him.
My Ex-boyfriend who is completely indecisive about his sexual orientation !!!!!!!!!!!. Is a Flip Flopper who is Flip Flopping between boys and girls.
by Tiquandisha August 17, 2006
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a person makes up their mind but then decides on something else
person 1- "i'll have the purple one", actually i'll have the other one"

person 2 -" what a flipflopper"

by emmity September 03, 2007
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An extremely annoying synonym for a hyporite. Being used to death for insulting John Kerry.
I don't like Kerry at all, but Christ they need to stop saying "flip-flopper"! He's a hypocrite, so what else is new in politics?
by Proud Centrist September 05, 2004
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someone who verbalizes contradictory statements with no reason for or acknowlegememt of the change in positions.
she said that yesterday, but who knows about today. she's a flip flopper.
by deniset73 January 06, 2010
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When somebody change their mind in a certain way.
A: Yooo dude I told you im going to your crib!

B: Ok, I'll way for you bitch!..

A: Mmmmm Nahh, im not going man.

B: Yoo Mo' Fucckka you'r a Flip Flopper!
by So Hooodd. April 04, 2009
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n. A politician whose nuanced policy positions have been oversimplified by ignorant opponents. In the 2004 presidential election this pejorative term is used by uninformed Bush supporters to discredit Senator Kerry, especially with regard to his position on Iraq.
Having backtracked and outright contradicted numerous positions made during his 2000 campaign (social security, the environment, gay marriage, nation building...) President Bush has no right to call anyone a flip-flopper.
by CambridgeDem September 28, 2004
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