a mix of fricken and chicke, meaning fucking o freaking
that bitch is flicken sexy!
by hfiuerhngiose October 04, 2008
Top Definition
v. Ger. 1) to repair, patch, cobble, tinker

Not to be confused with ficken.
"Der Flicken muss allemal grosser sein als das Loch" -- German Proverb. (lit: "The patch must be bigger than the hole." Cf. "A stitch in time saves nine")
by Bobby Bonbon June 03, 2007
adj. Ger. 1) to strike
by Anonymous January 19, 2003
As an extra side note, this word is the historical ancestor of the word we refer to today as the word "fuck".
The meaning of flicken is to strike and its origins are in Germany.
by Dr. BoCeefus August 11, 2006
(v) to end in a giant orgy.
"Nothing happened with that big group argument. It flickened instead."
by IB2 October 09, 2003

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