A new sexually transmitted disease discovered by three experts in their fields in the summer of 2006. Flicka is fleas on the genitals. Symptoms include extreme itching and burning, and attack males and females similarly. If you experience any symptoms, you should contact your doctor and seek a test immediately. This groundbreaking STD is extremely painful, as well as highly contagious.
"I heard that hoe over there got flicka from some chick Stephanie," whispered Tarah.
"We should get tested for flicka ourselves," replied Rico.
by Christine Delino August 28, 2006
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a real pretty, genuine girl.
I dated her back in high school. She was a real flicka back then.
by karabee November 05, 2006
Flicka means girl in Swedish
pron. fl-e-ka

1) Female child from birth until mature age, Flickebarn.
2) Mature but unmarried female.
3) Somebody’s daughter
Jenny är en flicka. (Jenny is a girl.)
by Martin Mazur August 29, 2006
a beyond beautiful girl. No make-up and all she is still gorgeous.
"See that girl, shes my flicka..."
by jamichaell March 14, 2009
The dictionary says a peaceful ruler.
Flicka is someone that is good to others because she wants to be, not because she was told to. Someone that always prefers peace to war. Someone that would never lie to you, even if it hurts her. Someone who is fair and just with everyone, not just people who like or love her. A girl who embraces her destiny and fights for what is right. This is a girl who owns a sword, but only uses it when she has to, protecting others.
by Tianca August 05, 2009
a spanish slang word for pictures.
Hey fool look at these flickas of my hyna.
by Cym June 02, 2005
Flicka: A beautiful young girl.

To call a girl flicka would be describing her as a pure essence of beauty and elegance, and classes her as a significant individual.
Boy: You're so flicka.

Girl: Awhh you really think so? Thankyou!
by ninja321 January 03, 2014
The act of both people in a loving embrace having eachothers noses touch and both are moving them; usually ends up in a circular motion.
When we were about to kiss, we decided to just do a flicka...
by DerangedShadow October 10, 2007

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