Fucking Lying Indian Cunt - Indian people that, rather than admit they dont know the answer, will make up some absurd answer.
Typical phrases heard from these people "Let me tell you....", "Buddy Buddy..."
I was at the supermarket, and I asked the indian checkout person if they have any of product A, and he immediately replied that they are sold out. Then I found that there was still many units on the shelf for sale, and that the checkout person just made up an answer, because they didnt know and were too afraid to say they dont know.

He is a perfect example of a FLIC!
by Hastur69 December 05, 2010
Top Definition
A French copper
Those fucking Frog flics want my ass
by armel February 04, 2004
A description used in the south to describe a fine lady/girl.
Damn, that girl is Flic
by Harriet27 February 29, 2008
Fuckin Long Island Cunt.
Tophi: "Oh man that place is packed with flids!"

Me: "Yeah, check out those nasty flics as well!"
by strawberrycake October 30, 2012
The female version of FLID (Fucking Long Island Dick) which is the Debbie Gibson, gum chewing, big 80's hair, Nassau County Community College (AKA The 13th Grade) attending, nail-art wearing FLIC (Fucking Long Island Cunt) whose name is probably Lisa or Marie and has a horrible accent, attitude and uses foul language at the drop of a hat. AKA - the kind of chick a FLID preys upon at Malibu or The OBI. FLICs' are usually found in groups of 5 or more, so be careful.
Appropriate for any spoiled female that thinks her shit don't stink and lives like she was still in high school even though that was 6 years ago and has an attitude problem is most likely a FLIC.
by Z-man (a former FLID) March 02, 2007
A porno film.
I saw a good flic yesterday.
by Brian Thietje May 16, 2004
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