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An enormous steel-hard cylinder of great power, broad and thick at its fuel-filled base and very sensitive at its tapered tip, capable of tremendous thrust, propelled by a male from a launching pad atop his groin into its target inside a waiting female, inside whom it explodes with massive force, sending her into an orgasm of ecstasy generally known as "The Big O." In demonstration of Newton's Third Law of Motion, it also produces an explosive and convulsive effect at the point of ejaculation in the male who propels it, at the moment he comes with indescribable satisfaction. Although it is called a "flesh rocket," the "flesh" portion of its name is a little misleading, because it is anything but soft, but rather as hard as rock.

As I thrust my flesh rocket into her, she screamed and began to yell, "YES! - YES!!- YES!!! YES!!!!! OH, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES!!!!!"
by Adam Phillips November 17, 2007
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when the male organ know as the penis is aroused it gets hard.
Damn look at his flesh rocket i can see it throught fuckin pillow!
by NIGGA December 06, 2002
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Charlie has been acting like such a fleshrocket lately!

Would you like to suck my fleshrocket?

I can't wait until you put your fleshrocket inside me!
by 69Bubbles June 09, 2011
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1) The combination of human being, made of flesh, and a sport bike, aka a crotch rocket.
2) A euphemism for a certain part of the male anatomy.
3) Yet another GenMayer who decided to spam the Urban Dictionary.
1) I'm going to go ride like a flesh rocket today.
2) I wish that hot chick would come sit on my flesh rocket.
3) Oh great, TheFleshRocket posted here. :rolleyes:
by TheFleshRocket March 27, 2003
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lern how to sppel
and pull yr dam pants up
by jace freebase March 04, 2003
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