A fart emanating from the tip of the penis. However that works.
I was pushing so hard I had to flerp after.
by Bill Stains October 17, 2007
Top Definition
the sound made by a googly-eyed, short, stubby cartoon penguin makes when it does a backflip.
for example:
by maei October 02, 2006
A flerp is the word used to greet someone and leave them bemused as to what you just meant.
<to jodi> Flerp
<from jodi> what does that mean
<to jodi> nothing really

5 mins later jodi updates FB status to... "What does flerp mean"

by Gorgeousal2410 June 18, 2010
(noun, verb, or adjective)
to spasm or move around violently, can be good or bad
- Did you hear that trumpet flerp?
- I feel flerpy today!
- You're such a flerp.
by hogwartschica November 06, 2011
fuckyou little emo retard pansies
emo kid: this song is so sad it makes me so sad it's so emotional
me:flerp flerp flerp flerp flerp!
by 'moke bowl September 08, 2005
fuckin loser emo retard pansies
fuckyou loser emo retard pussies
You're tho emothional,flerp flerp flerp.
by crack fiends September 08, 2005
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