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fuckin loser emo retard pansies
fuckyou loser emo retard pussies
You're tho emothional,flerp flerp flerp.
by crack fiends September 08, 2005
16 30
the sound made by a googly-eyed, short, stubby cartoon penguin makes when it does a backflip.
for example:
by maei October 02, 2006
32 7
A flerp is the word used to greet someone and leave them bemused as to what you just meant.
<to jodi> Flerp
<from jodi> what does that mean
<to jodi> nothing really

5 mins later jodi updates FB status to... "What does flerp mean"

by Gorgeousal2410 June 18, 2010
13 3
(noun, verb, or adjective)
to spasm or move around violently, can be good or bad
- Did you hear that trumpet flerp?
- I feel flerpy today!
- You're such a flerp.
by hogwartschica November 06, 2011
8 2
A fart emanating from the tip of the penis. However that works.
I was pushing so hard I had to flerp after.
by Bill Stains October 17, 2007
11 13
fuckyou little emo retard pansies
emo kid: this song is so sad it makes me so sad it's so emotional
me:flerp flerp flerp flerp flerp!
by 'moke bowl September 08, 2005
21 28