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Word that really means 'run away' but used to mean 'come'.
Flee with me to the barn
by Smarty P May 16, 2006
92 114
1. to be fresh originated in New York used by puertoricans or other ghetto people
2. to get fresh
3. to have the best clothes and sneakers looking crispy
1. Ay me and my dude jean getz flee mane
2. You seen that dude he was lookin mad flee
by baddiest bitch sammy February 11, 2008
408 137
dressing in style; apperance is proper.
I swear im so flee.
by kysmokey December 23, 2010
130 67
1 a very close friend (girls)
2 Shvaite and Shavite

"Yo flee!"
"Hey flee!"
"What's up flee?"
"Nothing much. How was you day flee?"
by Shvaite November 29, 2006
48 99
Flee; To mean Hi or Bye. Said by Tinchy Stryder.
Flee man you live?
by iTopspiin December 28, 2009
46 103
a female, may be used with busted as an antonym to boo (my boo is gonna cap those busted flees)
Them flees are busted, fo' sho'.
by Rhasta T January 19, 2004
10 91