Best anime ever!!!!!!!
furi kuri fooly cooly flcl
by happytown5 May 09, 2010
fooly cooly, an cool anime that's a little out there.
-have you seen FLCL?
--no man, anime sucks.
-nah, man, you gay
by orlando bloom is minex3 March 10, 2006
An extremely fucked up anime featuring Naota, a kid going through adolescence; Mamimi, Naota's brother's girlfriend who sometimes "overflows" and wears a really short miniskirt; and Haruko, a girl who is trying to free something from Naota's body but makes it looks as if she's attracted to him.
I watched FLCL on DVD and even the subbed version was horribly hard to understand.
by dj gs68 August 14, 2003
See awesome or wtf.

The coolest guy in the universe, AKA Andy W in real life Alay-chew-ah FL. He like so owns yur ass and wants money. Mediocre DDR player, gamer, and otaku. Functions on Windows ME, so you're out of luck kthnx.

(also known as FLCL573 or FLCL 573 when "FLCL" is not available)
This one time, FLCL stared at water, and it exploded.
by Andy Werner April 17, 2006

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