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a person or thing with an abnormally flat butt.
gee wiz that boy is a flatty.
by The Three Wenches September 16, 2011
Noun: a woman with a flat chest.
Shut up, ya stupid titless flatty.
by SoulfulZen April 25, 2005
a large women with no boobs. combo of flat and fatty . also synonomus with "all that meat and no potatoes"
yeah shes nice but shes a flatty
by ilovetogetfaded January 07, 2006
Travelling Showmans term for someone who lives in a house
Look at all the flatty's in the houses over there.
by Showman December 02, 2004
1. A mindless drone.
2. A sheep, that is, one who follows the crowd
3. Opposite of round
4. A shortened form of flatass, meaning something that is hip, cool, or awesome.
1. That robot such a freaking flatty it's not funny.
2. Yeah, them hipster hottie chicks. They such flatties they on the field baaing!
3. Muhaha! My circle is round but yours is a bigly flatty.
4. Woah, man, this new car is way flatty (that is, flatass).
by Sentar Torater November 19, 2006
Contraction of flatmate used colloquially in New Zealand - Wellington in particular...
X: So are you meeting me at the pub?
Y: Yeah and my flatty will be there a bit later after she finishes work...
by Blondini October 29, 2006
This refers to a woman's butt that is EXTREMLY FLAT. Its the opposite of a fatty and rytmes with it making the term easy to remeber
Did you see the Miss Universe contest? I can't believe miss Japan made it to the semi's with the "flatty girl" she had
by DMH79 May 08, 2005