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longboard terminology for a flat worn away spot on the wheal of your longboard as a result of a highspeed slide
i was totaly going like, 30k! but then i pulled a sick slide and i flat spoted my wheals
by iron manxfb July 28, 2006
The space in between the top of a girl's legs directly against the vagina. Measured in finger-widths from behind. 3 fingers is the perfect width for a flat spot. If a girl has a 4 finger flat spot she is probably bow-legged.
I won't fuck a girl who doesn't have at least a 2 finger flat spot.
by 3fingerflatspot January 28, 2010
when you have no penis and no vagina just skin stretched skin like bill stoddard
bill stoddard has a flatspot
by r o to the double s December 06, 2004
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