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The act of folding the excess body cleavage of an obese man or woman, typically used for making sweet love to an alternative orafice. Crisco, rendered bacon fat and luke warm butter are all optional.
Leroy: Dude, I went hoggin' on some white bread last night.
Darryl: Did you get the stank?
Leroy: (ashamed look)
Darryl: Don't tell me you went flapjackin' again mothafucka!
Leroy: It wasn't my fault, dat bitch passed out cold so I found a flap and I jacked it!
Darryl: Hell yeah! Jack dat flap negro!
by DarrylandLeroy January 30, 2009
A term for a lesbian sex act similar to scissor sex where the action moves from side to side rather than back and forth. the term derives from the stacking of labia which resembles a stack of pancakes.
This scissor sex isn't hitting it, it's time for some flap jackin'.
by Gigantic Twerp August 14, 2014
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