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flirty bantering
its so obvious they like each other, theyre always flantering!
by whyaretherenonamesleft November 17, 2009
98 24
Flanter is flirty banter. When a male and a female exchange in flirty chat that will end with them kissing and/or having sex.
Dude, our flanter was of the chart. It was flowing like the niagra falls. And before you ask, yes we did make sweet sensual love.
by Hot-Chocolate November 30, 2012
32 9
slang for engaging in manual labour, usually involving some form of banter
Oh, hey just got back from washing the know, got into some of the old flanter.
by Matt_loves_Glee January 27, 2011
31 41
The smoky substance that originates from opening a carbonated beverage; most often seen after opening a bottled beer.
There was so much flanter on that beer it was flowing down the side of the bottle.
by Peppard Cummings March 05, 2011
6 34