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flirty bantering
its so obvious they like each other, theyre always flantering!
by whyaretherenonamesleft November 17, 2009
Flanter is flirty banter. When a male and a female exchange in flirty chat that will end with them kissing and/or having sex.
Dude, our flanter was of the chart. It was flowing like the niagra falls. And before you ask, yes we did make sweet sensual love.
by Hot-Chocolate November 30, 2012
To flirt while trying to hide it behind banter
Laura couldn't help but flanter with Howard & Ricky
by Dobrayer December 18, 2015
Flanter is banter used in a flirtatious manner used by fully siq people with SWAG, hence the name.
I used flanter when trying to wow a girl.
by Emily1Son December 20, 2014
slang for engaging in manual labour, usually involving some form of banter
Oh, hey just got back from washing the know, got into some of the old flanter.
by Matt_loves_Glee January 27, 2011
The smoky substance that originates from opening a carbonated beverage; most often seen after opening a bottled beer.
There was so much flanter on that beer it was flowing down the side of the bottle.
by Peppard Cummings March 05, 2011
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