Something that is easily caught on fire.
Putting gas all over our house will sure make it flammable.
by Anonymous June 21, 2003
someone who wears polyester clothing and likes neon.
the name comes from the fact that in a fire their clothes will probably be the thing that make building burn down
they like dancing to pop
"see that flammable over there- so much neon"
(see also st trinians 2)
by Kat Shadow December 17, 2009
Able to burn, able to combust, etc.
That pile of dry wood is very FLAMMABLE.
by DrakoX24 June 22, 2003
Something which can be, y'know, set on fire.
People are flammable
by Banjooie June 28, 2003
something that will burn fast and well. Can be mixxed into something and thrown in the form of molitov cocktails or napalmn
The rocker thew flammable napalmn at the punk concert.
by Chris K June 24, 2003
A match is flammable coz of de chemicls on it, it reaches a cretain heat, and KABOOM!!!! It lights up!
A Match! Duh!
by URM..I Dont Know! September 13, 2003

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