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When a person, place, event, or thing is so incredibly awesome that its description necessitates a fiery and explosive metaphor, such as when a grill is so hot that flames come out of its knobs.

Contrary to possibly misconceptions, the phrase does not denote a sexual meaning, unless said sexual act may be categorized as such an aforementioned explosive event.
Person 1: Dude, did you see that juiced up mini-cooper?
Person 2: Yeah, it was totally flaming out the knobs!

Frat house member 1: That party is going to be off the hook!
Frat house member 2: Even better, my friend. It is going to be flaming out the knobs!

NPR listener 1: Hey, did you read Desmond Tutu's latest book on the power of love and reconciliation? It was a fascinating treatment of the human condition, having tremendous relevance for Western society's unfortunate attitude towards the world's disenfranchised poor.
NPR listener 2: Fascinating?! Dude, it was totally flaming out the knobs! It completely transformed my understanding of global poverty and the myth of redemptive violence.
by Dr. Knobs November 08, 2010
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