A flaming hetero is term generally used for males. It is one who has a queer personality, but the way he dresses makes you think otherwise. It is basically the opposite of a metrosexual.
Josh worked at a jewelery store this summer, but that is besides the point. On his days off, he would skate around town in his punk sweatshirt and converse sneakers. Obvisously a cool dude right? Haha, NO. His humor and mannerisms are that of a total homo, however he does get action from the ladies, so he is technically straight. He is definitely a flaming hetero.
by ak ashley October 01, 2005
Top Definition
A heterosexual who is overtly sexual, absorbed, and infatuated with the opposite sex. Usually a metrosexual straight man with enough money and idle time to prance around tropical islands and small countries chasing women and any other desires. A more torqued up impulsive version of a ladies man.
What a flaming heterosexual, he's got a diffrent girl everyday of the week.
George Clooney in a cocaine psychosis.
by jerzeesneed August 10, 2007
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