real meaning isn't used in everyday talk
The talk meaning is gay
MAN he is is so flamboyant
by manduh911 November 27, 2007
Acting feminine, homosexual actions, gay antics, unsure of sexual preference
Nathan was known for being the most flamboyant DJ in the area.
by Kelly October 16, 2003
To be totally freaking awesome.
To be the straightest person alive.
Hannah: Ha, you're flamboyant!
Silas: Thanks.
Hannah: Wait, i thought being flamboyant was to be gay.
Silas: Not according to Urban Dictionary.
by yyork February 07, 2008
extremely feminine and annoying.
Wow raul is quite flamboyant!
The flamboyant man next door got his ass beat for trying to sleep with my brother!
Honey, I find your father to be quite festively flamboyant for he tried to fondle me in the bathroom.
by ahhhh May 31, 2004
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