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masturbating into the excess fat of an adjacent passenger on a long flight--this may happen while one is asleep (nocturnal emission) or awake
the dude gets off the plane and the person picking him at the airport says 'oh shit, how'd you get that stain on your shirt greg? you must've gotten flab fucked. that's not the way to get to the mile high club fuckwad.'

Greg had been asleep the whole time and hadn't noticed, plus it had dried up by the time he got off the plane.
by 5150 - Seriously Tho March 25, 2008
Often when something seems farfetched... someone would say "You'd have to suck some penis to get that." But at times, there is no sucking of penis involved. Sometimes, it's sleeping with fat people of any gender. This is to now be known as a flabfuck... or flabberfuck because it seems so farfetched as well.
I wanted a discount so i had to flabfuck some broad before making her a 13 egg omelette with 8 strips of bacon.
by Parth S Patel May 27, 2011
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