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The five points of scenesterdom explain the universal truths of scenesters. Arranged in the shape of a star, the priority of each point is more the closer to the top it is.

At the top of the star is music.

In the middle is lifestyle and clothes.

At the bottom is hair and hobbies.

Although the exact details slightly differ between areas, in general if you have all five points covered you will get along with any scenester anywhere.

This quasi-scientific method of measuring and understanding scenesters was originally created by Grace-Monday, a disgruntled half-scenester, in 2005.
He listens to all the right music, goes to all the right bars, and knows all the right people.. however, he dresses a mess and his hair is ugly. He doesn't encompass all five points of scenesterdom.
by loveCasiotone May 21, 2005
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