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fit bit - someone who's hot. . and fit to boot - a bit of alright.
"my boyfriends a proper fit bit"
by Laura (prom) December 15, 2006
Slang for an attractive person. Came into prominence in the nineties and currently having a resurgence.

Also used as a flirtatious greeting;

"Alright fitbit?"
"Do you like Katie?"
"Yeah she's a proper fitbit."
by Dr. Scranny Fatchen November 04, 2015
A capitalistic marketing gimmick that is a waste of money and does absolutely nothing to improve your exercise goals or physique. Fit Bits are for people amateurs who are dumbfounded about creating their own exercise routine. People who wear fit bits are still out of shape and obese. They forget about important parts of dieting like the science of nutrition, metabolism, and overall wellness. The fitbit doesn't calculate metabolic, bmi, or workout. People wearing fitbits still remain fat and unhealthy.
Paul: Tony, did you see that fat abomination wearing that fit bit?
Tony: Yeah he's such a loser. Those fitbits make him look like such a weakling.
Paul: Too bad. He'll never get stronger or have an awesome looking bod like us.
by superbipolar420 January 25, 2016

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