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A facial expression that represents your total lack of respect for something someone has just said or done. Your lips are dropped into an upside down U shape, eyes are slightly squinty, while the eyebrows are raised exclamating a total feeling of shock and disgust. Your face should reflect that of a fish. If executed properly, the receiver should feel shame and embarassment, while onlookers laugh on histarically.
Cory suggested we (all guys) should go to the drive in together, so Jeff dropped a fishy face on his ass. Cory was put to shame for his ridiculously gay suggestion.
by M.M. 33 August 07, 2006
a face sometimes made in myspace pictures. to make this face a person puckers up their lips and raises ther eyebrows. at times a hand might be placed over their mouth, turning said fishyface into a shockedfishy. the typical myspacewhore has atleast one of these pictures
"i find it hard to believe that stacy is a model"
"why is that?"
"because she has no range of facial expression!! i mean, every picture shes in, shes making a fishyface"
"no, i saw one where she was pulling off a shockedfishy"
"stupid, thats almost the same thing!!"
by ayLin July 30, 2006