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Colloquial term for Vagina.
She had a fishmitten like a aircraft hanger.
by AnotherMindbomb October 19, 2003
8 2
See snatch, bearded clam, minge, etc, a lady's front bottom (vulg)
A fish mitten will both keep your fingers warm and make them smell of fish.
by Donkey Kong September 16, 2004
45 12
16th to 17th century slang for female genitalia.
So John, how did last night go? Did you get a try on her fish mittens?
by Jim Singh October 27, 2005
19 3
Descriptive of the clamminess that makes your fingers stick togther after a session spent "fingering" a young lady.
Joe: How far'd you get last night?
Bob: Not that far mate, wearing me fish mittens though!
by Chad Cobra December 09, 2004
18 6
A promiscuous woman's vagina.
I pulled her panties to the side to expose her fish mitten.
by JP the literary genius August 10, 2004
18 13