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an extremey preppy summer island (also Year round) that in the summer time gets filled with preppy kids. every way you turn you see blond, wavy hair, pastels, and cliques. the cliques are bad. they suck. its ridiculous, if you don't go for one summer you're not in a group anymore. word spreads like wild fire on this island, it'a little pathetic. "partying" entails breaking into dad's liquor cabinet and sitting at home and drinking either cheap beer or very expensive liquor, or sitting around cars, getting high near a beach then about 5 minutes later getting busted by a bike cop because the neighbor said you were too loud.

some good people though

not a bad place to grow up but gets hella old as you get older and people get meaner

has some redeaming qualities but the people make the place
i used to go to fishers island but then wanted a life.
by past that April 11, 2007
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