Verb; Driving a car without tint to show off its interior

Noun; A car with no tint to show off its interior

Adj; Has no tint with a showy inside.

Mostly used by T.I. along with the word Leatherguts (Leather Interior)
"Ridin the Catolac fishbowled and leatherguts."
by Makaveli673 August 08, 2007
When people LOOK at you like DAYUM!! They're in complete amazement. I don't know who these people are that posted the previous definitions, but they got it ALL WRONG...put your face behind a fishbowl and it looks like your eyes pop out of your head. Hence, see me walkin' across water and I'm fish-bowlin' yaw!
I can fish bowl half the damn mall when I show up in these kicks, they'll go bananas!
by Cheyenne Price May 08, 2007
If working behind a counter, a fish bowl is a condition that you will encounter when 50 people all stand there looking at you like you're a zoo exhibit.
"Goddamn old people lined up staring at me like I'm in a fish bowl."
by Tmeister January 13, 2004
The roll of fat some chicks have just below the navel. See also fup
I don't understand how that girl can be so skinny and yet still have a total fish bowl
by Merkin March 24, 2005
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