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(n.) 1.) the smell that emanates from your crotch after a successful night of sex without a condom. if it goes away after a shower, it is nothing more than that. (a misconception that crotches smell just from being dirty, when in reality, it is men's semen that smells, after it has slow cooked during the night.) 2.) a sign of a vaginal infection called bacterial vaginosis. if you did not have sex the night before AND this fishy smell doesn't go away after a shower, you have a bacterial infection. go to the doctor. do not douche or try to cover it up with cheap perfume, it will just smell like rotten fish in a spring garden.
"The official diagnosis," said Dr. Pat McGroin," is fish crotch. Start her on antibiotics immediately. Oh, and go lock up the cats."
by TristaJ February 07, 2007
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