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Apparently, according to the Brazilian funk song "Aula de Inglês" "fish ball cat" means fellatio.
"Fish ball cat", when spoken by a Carioca sounds like "fiz ballcatch" which means "I did 'ballcatch'". This apparently means the speaker sucked a dick, caught a "ball"
O quê que é peixe?
É fish.
O quê que é bola?
É ball.
O quê que é gato?
É cat.
Fish ball cat.
by Edgard July 28, 2006
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In brazilian portuguese, fish ball cat sounds like "Fiz boquete"
and the translation just means "I did a blowjob"
when you are young at school you learn simple words as cat, dog, ball, fish, duck...

So people made that playing words to prank their friends
how do you say (peixe) in English? Fish
and (Bola) ? Ball
and (gato) ? cat

now repeat all together : fish ball cat - fiz boquete
by Carioca133 April 29, 2016
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