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An amazing drinking game started in Virginia.
This game requires either an open space or a hallway wide enough to have two people move through.
Works best with large groups, divided into two equal teams. At one end of the hallway place either cups of beer or shots, then have a relay race with each person going down drinking their drink and coming back, to see which team can finish all their alcohol first. Each time you race change the style, ex: running backwards, crawling, spinning, hopping, eyes closed, and you can think of others.
Losers then each have to drink the amount that they lost by before moving onto the next round.
You should come play fireshots with us this weekend

by alinava July 14, 2008
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A drinking game invented in Alexandria Virginia involving a good size group of kids and plenty of alcohol. To play you need either an open space or a wide hallway where two people can easily move through. Then divide the group into two even teams and place either shots or cups of beer on one end of the hallway and assemble your teams on the other end. To win you must have your entire, one by one, team race down drink their drink and race back (a relay race). Losers must each drink however much they lost by. Each time you race you must do a different style, running backwards, rolling, crawling, hopping, etc.
were gonna get a massive group together and have the ultimate game of fireshots this weekend
by alinamh July 21, 2008

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