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Descriptive term, referring to laying a piece of toilet tissue on the water thus preventing splash back once a turd has been pinched out.
He layed the fireman's blanket, protecting himself from the inevitable soaking in the wake of his crap.
by Pettit you kaant August 16, 2005
A toilet paper trampoline placed at the bottom of the toilet to break a turds fall and thus prevent any splashback
"Yo my guts were feeling bad so when i went to the toilet i threw a fireman's blanket down"
by Kez00007 March 07, 2007
a sizable length of toilet paper (bogroll)neatly folded to completly cover the water in a toilet (shit pan).
to provent the disturbing furnominon splash back.
if you had of put a firemans blanket in the dunny you would not have got a wet ring piece.
by James October 01, 2004
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