FireItUp Strait up your candy ass bitch

FireItUp = Lame
by beerme August 19, 2003
Top Definition
To light up a joint or a blunt
Fire it up kid so we can get to kickin' it.
by Dat Nigga JC March 10, 2003
An idiot on Xbox-Scene that talks like a 12 year old, and acts like he knows everything and hates some guy named bombzhome just to "fit in" with the rest!
FireItUp is a kid.
by bombzhome August 11, 2003
FireItUp your candy ass bitch

FireItUp = Lame person thats talks shit on messege boards
Im the baddest toughest hardest coolest mofoker alive
by beerme August 19, 2003
Has an avatar with uber boobs but dont know much else about him...except he posted a gamecube thread for someone else and that was weird and uncalled for

oh well, its all good :beer:
ermm...posting a gamecube thread
by anonymoooose August 12, 2003
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