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using drugs
we're about to fire up and get high
by tuff puff February 23, 2004
A phrase to discribe an extreame passion or emotion. Usually positive, but can be negitve if the case is that bad.
Often likend a volcano that is about to errupt.
"I am so fired up for tonights game"
" Hey we are going to the bar to rope some cattle and knock down some soldiers... Fire Up"!
" I just killed a monster buck with excellent brow tines and G3's, pure Muzzy power... FIRE UP"
" I am sick of my taxes going to fund stupid programs... I am fired up"
by Yankee's Rebel Son November 27, 2006
V. To express derogatory statements to an individual; Common in Ebonics. To insult another individual deserving of it.
"Boy hell naw I'm bout to fire up yo Woopie Goldberg black lip headass!"
by Xxx117 October 16, 2013