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used when expressing an immediate need to vacate the area, due to a eye-tearing sage (see 'sage' for definition)
background: you and your buddies are enjoying a nice meal of refired beans, saucerkraut, and hot peppers, when suddenly....

" sage!! ooops - FIRE IN DA HOLE !!!!" he exclaimed while proceedingto the toilet to 'freshen up'
by joe shit the rag man April 17, 2004
when a guy is letting someone know when they are going to bust.
Dan says to jill fire in the hole
by Gillman December 12, 2004
a phrase you would scream, before taking an awesome hit from the bong.
bob- you want to spark that bong?
sue- Hell yea, fire in da hole!
by four2Ogirl November 01, 2011