When a girl gives a guy a blowjob with ice in her mouth and at the same time rubs his balls with RUB-A535.
Dude, Jasmine went fire and ice on me last night ! That shit's so hot it's cold !!
by cf2thousand !!! July 25, 2006
Top Definition
Oral pleasure given using an extreme cold (such as ice) and an extreme hot (such as heated massage oil), in oreder to intensify the sexual pleasure.

When I fire and Ice someone i like to use... um... i shouldn't be telling you...
by Nastia December 08, 2006
placing an ice cube between a persons buttocks and lodging two warm fingers inside his/her anus (from the french movie 'anatomy of hell')
''i used the 'fire and ice on him/her', 'i gave him/her the fire and ice', 'i fire and iced him/her' ''
by Fostina Clungecake February 14, 2010
The fire and ice is a sexual finishing move for the lack of better terminology. If a woman begins to cry at any point during a sexual encounter it is permissible to give her the "Fire and ice". Simply pull out of what ever orifice you happen to be in and cum on her tear streaked face.
"Tina got all weepy the other night and Dave had to give her the old fire and ice!"
by Boner T Jones July 17, 2009
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