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toes that are so long that they are like fingers and can be used to grab you
Careful! Watch out for his finger toes, they'll choke the life out of you.
by Patrick Jimenez November 18, 2005
Toes which bear an uncanny resemblance to fingers.
Jaysus look at the length o those fingertoes!!!!
by Fatherlyons November 09, 2004
When your toes are just as long, almost as long or even longer than your fingers. When you can use your toes to do the same things you can with your fingers. Ex. play the piano, sign your name, use a knife and fork.
It is so wierd but my girlfriend Jessica has such long fingertoes, it gives me a boner when i suck them.
by Brian Gels December 04, 2008
(n) The toes on a foot that enables the bearer to palm a basketball with their foot.
Wow, those finger toes are creepy, man.
Thats kids, only five foot five and can lift a basketball with one foot.
by eleis September 17, 2008
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