Referring to a girl, a finger puppet is a trick who refuses sex, and instead opts to recive manual pleasure at the expense of her partner.
1) That bitch wouldn't let me hit it. She wouldn't even suck me off. She's nothing but a finger puppet.
by Jesse Warren July 13, 2003
Top Definition
A young women who dresses very scantly. She is easily influenced by popular trends and often promiscuous sexually.
Usually between the ages of 13-17. Always immature.
This phrase orginated in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It is a local pharse as of 2006.
"This girl I met over the internet is a finger puppet"
"Wow, whats with all the finger puppets at this party?"
by Tiki Marika May 26, 2006
1.A female that you would insert your fingers into her Vagina
2. Good looking girl
Dammm G, that was some good looking finger puppet that just walked by, nice ass.
by Adam Osuchowski January 23, 2009
The mutual insertion of fingers into each others' asses and/or vaginas during foreplay.
My ass is a little sore, my girl and I played finger puppets last night.
by will143434 September 26, 2010
The act of sticking your finger in a girls vagina or butthole and using her as a finger puppet.
I would love to turn her into my finger puppet.
by MrGreenJeans024 April 14, 2011
The act of placing a single finger two knuckles deep within an unsuspecting sleeping partners anus.
Lubricating aids are not used in order to ensure a tight seal.
Once the recipient of the finger wakes with a finger tightly wedged in their ass, the owner of the finger is duty bound to wiggle said buried finger and speak in a high pitched voice as one would when putting on a finger puppet show.
For 45 minutes he slowly pried her ass open to insert a finger.
When she awoke with a finger in her bum, a high pitched voice exclaimed "I'm a finger puppet and I want some cookies".
by 4Drunks December 18, 2010
A very small woman (aka a spinner)
Suggesting she's not much bigger than a finger puppet.
Dan: Sweet! Look at that sexy little thang!
Stan: Is she even legal?
Dan: Don't let her petiteness fool you -- she's a finger puppet, not jailbait.
by cyberpope67,BC,Canada May 22, 2011
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