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The act of a person (typically teenage), sticking his/her finger down the pants of a lady. Then sneakingly smelling ones finger, to see if one would go down on the lady.
Yo dude, did you perform the finger check?
by chucky noodle September 22, 2007
the mandatory act of nonchalantly sniffing ones finger after fingering a bitch's pussy to make sure it doesn't smell bad
im so happy i did a fingercheck on that stankass pussy so i knew not to stick my dick in it
by ott wat February 24, 2006
What you do when you can't quite tell if you've sharted or not, or what you yell when it sounds like someone around you has sharted.
Two buddies are sitting around, drinking beers and enjoying a game...

Sype: "This game sucks!", as he turns to the side and rips a wet-sounding fart.

Oz: "Ewph, FINGERCHECK!!!"
by Oiboiboi November 08, 2007
A computer "bug" that is the result of the operator pressing the wrong keys. Derived from "finger" (obviously) and "check" (meaning a computer-detected error).

Similar to "operator malfunction".
Yeah, the operator made a finger check and lost this week's payroll.
by Hot Licks February 12, 2011

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