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Findlay IS GAY!!!!!!!!!!
Lorna: Hello
Findlay: I am gay
by Lornapie April 18, 2005
If one was enjoying a Vb in a long glass with ice and a strew... people might say I see ur sucking down a Miss Findlay or A girl how dose not have much money due to parting will frequent in Miss Findlay’s as drinking alcohol with a straw increases intoxication.
At the bar, a hot blonde turns sucking on what looks to be beer through a straw, you ask her is that beer with ice? Hot blonde replies yes im sucking on a Miss Findlay and the straw makes it go to your head he he he

To make a correct Miss Findlay you need
1. I stubby of Victoria bitter
2. Half a long glass of ice
3. A bright strew

If you can not get your hands on a V.B any good beer will do.
by Kitty_kat_82 October 06, 2008
findlay is cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hi findlay ur cool
findlay:uh hu
by borb April 20, 2005
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