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Chicago slang for either $50 or a gang member under the 5 pointed star, the People Nation.
When I was in Cook County jail, I rolled folkks so we busted them finballs up.

Hey man, you think you could let me hold a finball til I get my check???
by D FolKKz April 24, 2008
a chicago gangbangin term for anyone who rolls under tha 5-point star/ people nation. finballz kill folkz cuz folkz are bitch nigkaz dat trick to tha fin-0 every time dey git lit up.
"whatz goodk 'sypo? whatchu iz?"

"bitch im almighty insane villalobo. whatz poppin nigka? I'm a finball! SD Killa! *pop*pop*pop*
by FR33KYW0LF23 June 15, 2009