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Denoting the volunerability of a man's financial worth, especially at the expense of the wrong woman. Financial balls is a man's strength when it come's to (credit rating, financial status, material equity, and yearly income.)
A person's financial balls can be severed or impaired due to child support, divorce, alimony, or getting with the wrong person that can contribute to you ruining your financial rating.
Randy had a nice house, 6 cars, and a 999 credit score before he married Joyce. After the divorce, Joyce and her divorce attorney hit Randy in his financial balls by claiming the house, 5 of his cars, and making him pay for his kids that he had with her, plus two more that she had from a previous relationship.

Micheal Jordan lost half of a testicle as a result of his divorce.

Mike Tyson, the boxer, is yet to recover after a devestating blow to his financial balls as a result of child support and two divorces.

by DzNutz October 21, 2007

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