A faggot is a derogatory or slang term for a homosexual, that probably was derived from the British English term--fagging--where younger boys fagged for the older boys. These fags often were subjected to sexual abuse by the older boys. Likewise, the term faggot is a metaphor now applied as a perjorative to exceedingly promiscuous homosexuals who are deemed to be like a bundle of flaming sticks, tied together by obscene lust and depraved sexual appetites. The additional term of filthy is to distinguish such a faggot from those who merely prefer the same sex, e.g., fags or gays. Once the older boys defiled and spoliated the younger fags in Britain, usually by forcing them to receive unprotected anal sex, these younger boys or fags were now filthy faggots. Thus this is a perjorative term for a dangerous and reckless fag or faggot or any other person who goes fagging about.
He is such a filthy faggot!
by Mrs. Sajuaro September 22, 2006
Top Definition
Filthy faggot is a euphemism for a lurid and flaming stick, thus can actually refer to a flaming log or a cigarette, as in Jack London, for example. In the more modern world, such a perjorative term is directed at those who are close relatives of that wicked species of mankind known as the "fudge packer." These vile creeps like to pump the piles and pound the stick in rancid gut gravy, or crack paste, as if they were on a ride at Disneyland. These are exceedingly lurid people, possibly possessed by wicked fag devils, and they are one and all totally sick'd out of their blooming fruits!
Do you know that filthy faggot?
by Mrs. Sajuaro September 20, 2006

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