A member of a social group who has little/no popularity and is merely involved to make numbers, rather than to add to the group. Fillers have no intellectual or comedy value and any attempted input is usually ignored or completely disregarded. A Filler is the sort of person who you wouldn't be seen with dead.
Woman: who's that random bloke stood behind watching us?
Bloke: dunno, just some filler!
Bloke 1: Why's he following us round?
Bloke 2: Dunno, he's game for filling gaps!
by Wilsdon April 18, 2009
When you go to a search box of a general website, and suddenly your mind goes blank of what you were going to do, so you fill the box in with a phrase such as "lol" or some other random crap that was on your mind so the search box doesn't feel lonely.
*Guy goes onto Urban Dictionary*
*Gets ready to type something but forgets*
*Uses a filler to make the search box not lonely*
by The Worlds Loneliest Man December 14, 2014
A filler is a guy/gal that you seemingly 'like' or have a 'crush' on. This person is made to fill in a feeling for a person that you really love but is not actually with you. It's for a lost sense of love- as if you need someone, anyone at all to love at all times.
Molly loves Bill.

Bill moves to New York.

Molly doesn't see Bill.

Molly's brain likes Tim. But Molly's heart loves Bill.

Tim is a filler. Molly needs someone to 'love'.
by Mylan Dayill May 13, 2013
A term used in anime when there is an episode that does not appear in the manga
Episode 83 of Inuyasha is a filler
by Mikazuki August 22, 2010
Small talk; conversation that has little to do with the subject or actual topic.
Jack: Hey what's up boo how was your day?

Jill: Fine, it was pretty long.

Jack: let's go up this hill and get some water?

Jill: That's dumb! Why do you want to do that?

Jack: Look, I'm trying to get that pu$$y. All that other talk is filler.
by Jeramee The One and Only October 09, 2013
When somebody's boyfriend/girlfriend is only in a relationship with them until something better comes along. The boyfriend/girlfriend is said to be filler.
By the way I saw how Joe blow's girlfriend was looking at me, I could tell Joe blow is just a filler.
by twizee August 02, 2009
noun a filler is a term that refers to a sisters boyfriend that you also consider a friend. derived from the acronym F-I-L or friend-in-law.
i know we're down a guy for the lan party, but i got a filler whose got a decent system.
by Southpaw12 October 24, 2011
(1) A species of the mamal family often found frequenting a drinking hole near Marine base Miramar in San Diego. Uses alchohol as an excuse to swallow dreams and place Marines in need of STD testing. Differs from Yuma Yummy by geographic location but similiar in nature.
I found a filler for my sexual needs...now she wants to talk...WTF?
by MiarmarJetMech December 21, 2009

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