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Noun: crusty bunghole
Verb: to eat dirt
Noun: Dude, your filiberto stinks, try wiping it next time
Verb: Don't eat the filiberto, it's for the flowers!
by fakenameorelsepeoplewillknow March 21, 2010
An awesome place to eat with the best burritos and amazing tacos. You want freaking good mexican food? Go to Fili-B's! Place is good, especially when your drunk. The sizes satisfy.... mmm, mmm. mmm. Almost like making love.
Guy: Dude I'm hungry.
Bro: filibertos is 24 hrs and I'm high and wasted.
Guy: let's do it.
Bro: Hell yea, I'll drive.
by Mexican Salsa February 03, 2010