Mascot of a northern Indiana team (south bend) Notre Dame and what all of the irish enjoy doing. And often a tattoo on many irish gangsters.
The fighting irish are still not part of any organized league.
by IrishChamp89 November 04, 2011
Top Definition
To double fist a girl. First in the vagina and the other in the ass so that it looks like the fighting irish mascot.
Nilano: Yo dude have you ever fighting irished ur girl???

Black man: Yeah i do it all the time she loves it!!!
by nilano's friend November 01, 2007
A legendary player in the game Regnum-Online, both for his skill and the fact that no matter what is asked his standard answer is "I can't be arsed"
In a sense Fighting Irish is both used as a derogatory name AND as a positive label of empowerment.
Hey dude, can you help me?
- I can't be arsed
Quit being Fighting Irish.

Wow, did you see that guy kill 5 players in a row?
- Yeah, that's Fighting Irish
by Eolevan January 26, 2010
People of Irish decent who tend to run from the devil
The fighting Irish will lose to Sun Devils
by mrelleum October 04, 2013
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