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To double fist a girl. First in the vagina and the other in the ass so that it looks like the fighting irish mascot.
Nilano: Yo dude have you ever fighting irished ur girl???

Black man: Yeah i do it all the time she loves it!!!
by nilano's friend November 01, 2007
115 42
Mascot of a northern Indiana team (south bend) Notre Dame and what all of the irish enjoy doing. And often a tattoo on many irish gangsters.
The fighting irish are still not part of any organized league.
by IrishChamp89 November 04, 2011
10 6
People of Irish decent who tend to run from the devil
The fighting Irish will lose to Sun Devils
by mrelleum October 04, 2013
0 1
A legendary player in the game Regnum-Online, both for his skill and the fact that no matter what is asked his standard answer is "I can't be arsed"
In a sense Fighting Irish is both used as a derogatory name AND as a positive label of empowerment.
Hey dude, can you help me?
- I can't be arsed
Quit being Fighting Irish.

Wow, did you see that guy kill 5 players in a row?
- Yeah, that's Fighting Irish
by Eolevan January 26, 2010
19 21