fifa-itus is the most common infection caught when the worlds most popular football game comes out every year. more common in the male species, it can be passed onto females should they be any good on an x-box or ps3 (other consoles are available)
i can't come into work today, i have fifa-itus

sex? not tonight love. i think my fifa-itus is kicking in

i've caught fifa-itus in my thumbs
by dar-sha September 29, 2012
Top Definition
That time of the academic year when every male doesn't show up for school/college due to the latest release of FIFA Football/Soccer game. The name originates from a mixture of FIFA (International Federation of Association Football) & 'itus' (a common ending to an illness).
Teacher: Why didn't you turn up for class?

Pupil: Sorry Miss, I had a terrible case of fifaitus.
by Sean2829 October 01, 2010
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