german for "fuck", but as it is infinitive and not spoken usually in colloquial, only few in germany use it as often as most americans do
FICKEN !! diese blöde pissdreckscheisse geht mir ganz gehörig auf die eier !
verFICKte scheisse !! (used more frequently)
by Christian Koch January 05, 2004
Top Definition
Yeah, It's the German word for "Fuck".
But Germans don't use it like people from USA, usually just when it's about making sex (example 1).
It can also be a curse but not as used by Americans, maybe in the form of "verfickt" or "verfickte" which is an adjective to "ficken" (seen in example 2).
In German dictionaries you can also find different meanings,
e.g. the card game "Ficken" and there are people who have this name, e.g. "Peter Ficken".
I am from Germany and found this website, I dunno how good my English is, but I guess this is possible to understand^^
1: Wow. Das Mädchen ist so scharf. Ich würde gerne mit ihr ficken./Wow. That girl's so hot. I'd like to fuck her.

2: So eine verfickte Scheisse. / Such a fucking shit.
by Zeodyn December 07, 2006
Vegetarian slang for "fake chicken".

Any chicken substitute made from soy, seitan, or other non-animal product.
"What's this in the stir fry? You don't eat meat."

"That's ficken. Tasty, huh?"

"Yeah, not bad."
by Swintronix April 29, 2010
Slave to all superiors (Edub and JZ). One who bows down to all.

Also, a curse word.
Ficken if I get to that door before you there will be serious consequences.

I am so FICKEN tired of hearing your voice. Ficken-a just shut up!
by thequeenoftheuniverse January 08, 2011
the german word for ficken. i learned this from my 15-year-old cousin, the olds got mad at him for teaching that to a ten year old. has become my favorite word, especcialy used by the band The ARzte.
artze: ficken ficken ficken ficken ficken...
alex: JA! ich liebe ficken!
me: ficken? ooh what does that mean.
alex: FUCK (HIS favorite word, uses it 12 time a minute)
kerstin: liebe gott..... das ist nicht gut!!
by a nony mouse January 14, 2005
When a girl looks like she is half fish and half chicken
"I got real drunk last night and woke up next to a ficken"
"Errrr, that's gross!"
"I know, apparently I don't have any taste."
by Samuel Taneously February 25, 2009
chicken that tastes like fish

person 1: "this chicken tastes like fish"
person 2: "maybe it is fish"
person 1:"i will call it ficken"
person 2: "i will dance around it with torches, ficken reminds me of medival times. Like, would tho care to take a gander up the ficken?"
by EmmaLALA June 03, 2007
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