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The way a fat chick gets around admitting she is fat. Especially when posting personal ads without pictures. Also known as "a little extra padding" or "curvy".
Her: I am 5'2, a few extra pounds blonde hair and blue eyes.
Him: What exactly is a few extra pounds?
Her: Why does it matter, I want a guy to love me for me?
Him: So you don't feel you should have to be honest with him until he is in love with you?
Her: Fine, last time I weighed myself I was 184 lbs, happy?
Him? Why would I be happy about wasting my time with a lying bitch who is almost 200 lbs and thinks that is only "a few extra".
by Areyadone September 13, 2005

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A euphemism for a "lot of extra pounds"
Her personal ad stated "a few extra pounds."
by SyntacticSugarDaddy December 26, 2005