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1. The thick warm and black liquid that oozes out of the average fetus when its squeezed and wrung out into a bathtub or rusty pale.


1. The name given to forms of very surreal art.
Noun- "Hey Sheila! I need to finish an essay before tomorrow morning, but I have no ink for my quill. I hear they tend to find fetus's in the sewage lines these days, so I want you to go down and start fishin' for a fetus. When you get a couple, come wrap them in a coffee filter and squeeze it a bit. We'll make a couple pints of our own fetus ink! Bic will have no more of our hard earned money."

Adj. - "This art is nothing like I've ever seen. Its very fetusink. I wish my personality was this interesting."
by Doctor Fetus Ink September 22, 2009

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