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1) The various fluids and solids extracted during an abortion (excluding the actual fetus).

2) The mix of fluids that results from having sex with and ejaculating in a woman that is menstruating.

3) A term used to express disgust with the food choices of a peer, especially sauces and spreadable toppings.

4) An ethnic or odd food your peers may find disgusting.
She just got a Back alley abortion and now she has fetus butter running down her leg.

That was a messy fuck. Now wipe up that fetus butter, get your ass in the kitchen and make a sandwich.

Jack: Can I get some extra mayo on that?
Joe: You just love that fetus butter, don't you?

Jack: Lets head over to that sushi place and get some fetus butter.
Joe: You disgust me. I can hardly contain the vomit rising in my throat.

by di0 April 27, 2007
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