Top Definition
1) A series of excessive, self-congratulatory statements or actions

2) A really disorganized situation with loads of people in the way.

3) A situation involving much disorder, but those involved think that everything is going well.
1) Dave: Everyone in the office seems really happy about this award we won!

Nelly: It really is turning into a festival of handclaps.

2) Dave: Wow, where did all these people come from?! I can't find a thing!

Nelly: I'm tired of this festival of handclaps! Clap clap clap!

3) Dave: Why is everyone so chipper? That's the third client we've lost this month!

Lauren: They are acting like they're oblivious... It's a total festival of handclaps!
by Sapphires and Swingstars December 06, 2006
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